Who are we?

Execupark PTY (LTD) is a team of dedicated, qualified, and experienced professional staff with a wealth of knowledge in the industry offering you an executive valet and parking service from King Shaka International Airport. Your vehicle is kept in a fully secured premises, under shaded parking and with a 24-hour Security officer on site. With great service and low pricing, our parking solutions suit all needs. Executive Valet Parking boasts unmatched service delivery at King Shaka International Airport.

How does it work?

We meet you at the airport before you leave. We care for your vehicle, wash it, monitor your return flight

Why Choose Execupark
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Who needs our services?

For anyone flying out of King Shaka International Airport for business or recreation, the question of what to do with your vehicle while you are away always looms large. The cost and inconvenience of leaving it at the airport often mitigates in favour of a viable alternative. This is what led us to the establishment of a company dedicated to eliminating the hassle and exorbitant costs of parking at the airport for any significant length of time.

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