Why Choose Us?

When you return, we’ll deliver it fully washed and ready for the drive home. Take to the skies with peace of mind. EXECUPARK, King Shaka International Airport.

Chauffeur Services, General Repairs, Taking In Vehicles For Services At Preferred Dealership, Fuel Top-up (No Extra Cost Apart From Fuel), Full Auto Valet (Enquire For Price), and Meguiar’s Vehicle Polishing (Enquire For Price).

The pool car option allows companies to leave 1 or more company vehicles with us on a permanent contract basis and which will only be available to employees from other cities when arriving to KING SHAKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. A cost-effective option reducing vehicle rental costs from other sources. The vehicle also becomes eligible as a tax deduction for the company, saving the company further expenditures

Card Facilities are available, though you may of course pay via EFT or Cash.

How does it work?