Execupark Harbour/Cruise Parking

The MSC Sinfonia, Opera etc is available in South Africa every 6 months, it’s a luxurious ship which offers a very pleasurable experience and here at Execupark we want to ensure that it’s a peace of mind holiday whilst you’re away.

No more stressing about your vehicle whilst enjoying your well-deserved holiday. Execupark guarantees your vehicle will be kept safe under our care.

An Execupark Representative will meet you at the Durban port drop and go area famously known as N-Shed. The drop and go area are a walking distance to the ship. We make it as convenient as possible.

Before the representative collects your vehicle, he will conduct an inspection all around the vehicle and will take down the mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle. Thereafter the vehicle will be taken to our fully secured location where it will be parked for the duration. Upon delivery, the driver will meet you at the N-Shed which by now you are familiar with to deliver your vehicle. An inspection will be conducted again as well the mileage and fuel consumption will be checked. Please note that your vehicle will receive a complimentary wash and vacuum upon delivery.

Harbour Parking Pricing

1 day        -R 105.00

2 days      -R 210.00

3 days      -R 315.00

4 days      -R 420.00

9 days       -R 945.00

10 days     -R 1050.00

11 days     -R 1155.00

12 days     -R 1260.00

5 day     -R 525 .00

6 days   -R 630.00

7 days    -R 735.00

8 days   -R 840.00

13 days         -R 1365.00

14 days         -R 1470.00

15 days         -R 1575.00

16+ days      -Contact Us